This RM3 Ice Kacang Stall In PJ Is A Neighbourhood’s Favourite

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Summer everyday might be a dream for many – all of whom are definitely not Malaysians. Here, we have our own four seasons: Hot, Scorching, Wet, Flooding. We need something to save us when the weather is so bad that we can practically cook an egg on sun-baked tarmac. As we know, there are so darn many frozen desserts out there. The question then becomes: which tastes the best, is the most affordable, and gives a 99.9% bacterial thermal protection? We can expect nothing short of the best of all three worlds with Weng Kee Ice Kacang To Save Us From The Weather.


Weng Kee Ice Kacang Gula Melaka (Stall 46)

by @ 淑芳 (Facebook)

Located in Medan Selera food court in PJ Old Town, this stall adorns a rather fabulous pink banner featuring an ice kacang behind their stall number, which reads 46. This stall has racked up a rather impressive reputation online, which piqued our curiosity. What Malaysian foodie wouldn’t love some ice-cold dessert?

by @ Hoe Mucci (Facebook)

Backstory of Auntie’s Stall

A little backstory before anything else. This stall has been running through three generations! Originally, the parents of the current owner of the stall (let’s call her Auntie for now) ran it with Auntie when she was but a little girl. Now, the Auntie runs it with her own children. How do we know this? The Auntie is really friendly! It would seem she’s keen on having chit chats with her customers. Hence, her tale unfolded before us.

by @ Alex Toh (Facebook)

Auntie wondered how people knew of her place. Upon finding out that it was through the internet, she expressed her concerns of fame being the downfall of her food quality. She didn’t want her stall to attract too many customers to the point she couldn’t handle it, which in turn would degrade her food quality. She said that she’s fine with the Internet sharing more of her place, but she would rather not be on television or newspaper. Auntie seemed content on keeping her stall a little less popular for the sake of maintaining her craft quality.

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Ais Kacang

Now, let’s finally get on to her ais kacang. With Auntie’s thick and awesomely sweet Gula Melaka and coconut milk, it’s actually really simple yet undeniably good. Beneath the compact yet delicately smooth ice mound, heaps of treasures could be found buried in the cold flood – corn kernels, peanuts, cincau, etc. It’s not overdone with syrup, and nor is it humongous to the point you would require to share it with someone. For RM3, you’re paying for an appropriately proportioned dessert for one person after having a proper meal.

What’re our final thoughts?

Definitely worth a go! The taste of Gula Melaka wouldn’t be hidden behind the sweetness of rose syrup or any other sauces that one would find on most other ais kacang. Again, it’s plain, it’s simple, and it’s nice. Nothing more is needed to make ais kacang good. Plus, it’s only RM3! A true hidden gem for most.

Status: Pork-free
Location: Jalan Othman, Pj Old Town, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: 8am– 10pm (Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). 8am– 5pm (Thursday). Closed on Tuesdays.

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