50-Year-Old University Club House Serves Authentic Ceylonese Dishes Including Fresh Crab Masala

Indian cuisine is a staple for most Malaysians, but what about Sri Lankan food? Often mistaken to have the same flavours, Sri Lankan cuisine actually differs greatly in spices used. If you have yet to try it or simply want to find authentic Sri Lankan dishes, there’s a place you can’t sleep on and that is none other than UMAC House.

UMAC House Serves Authentic Ceylonese Dishes In PJ

Sri Lankan Umac House

Housed in an old colonial English bungalow, UMAC House was formed over 50 years ago near University Malaya. They take pride in authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, using recipes passed down to three generations by a Ceylonese aunty.

Sri Lankan Umac House

At first glance, UMAC House appears to be a flourishing urban retreat with greenery all around. Their al fresco seating is surrounded by lush trees and for a moment, you’ll forget you’re in the city!

An indoor section is also available, surrounded by fresh air nonetheless. The drinks station is where they make their delicious gourmet coffees such as cappuccino and latte, certainly worth a try!

Here’s what they have to offer:


Sri Lankan Umac House

Yep that’s Lamp, not a typo for lamb- promise! It loosely translates to a parcel of lumped rice. Think nasi lemak, except a tad more jazzed up! Fun fact, Malays who settled down in Sri Lanka were apparently the inventors of this dish. It usually consists of vegetables, 2-3 meat curries, sambal & an egg. Mix it all up and enjoy the intricate flavours!

Kizhi Parotta

Irresistibly crispy and delicate! Wrapped in banana leaf, parotta is a flatbread with flaky layers and filled with marinated chicken, which is then steamed in coconut oil! Kizhi essentially means “tear”, which gives you an idea on how to eat this dish!

Sri Lankan Umac House

Crab Masala

Sri Lankan Umac House

What a fragrant combination of aromatics and spices. This crab masala is fresh, with the right balance of spicy and sweet! Pairs perfectly with rice or flatbread.

Sri Lankan Umac House

Mutton Bone Marrow

This delectable curry is typically made within the privacy of homes, which only makes sense for UMAC House to serve it (it’s a house.. home.. you get our drift)! Not only is it delightful, but bone marrow is in fact nutritious as it’s full of collagen!

Odiyal Kool

Sri Lankan Umac House

A favourite Sri Lankan dish for most, this Kool is a sumptuous stew consisting of crab, prawns and other seafood. Odiyal is a palm tuber root, which forms the base of this dish!

Barbecue Chicken

Sri Lankan Umac House

There’s a barbecue station at UMAC House too, where diners can enjoy the live action of barbecued protein such as chicken or fish. We tried the chicken, which was carefully basted in marinade and oozed smokiness. Yum!


Refresh your palate with their special Thai Sala drink! It’s a milky drink with sweet syrup that’s sure to complete your meal.

Teleport To Sri Lanka

Get a taste of Sri Lanka at UMAC House, which also provides free and ample parking space for all!

Bring your friends & family and bask in the day/nighttime ambience, feasting on indulgent meals all the while surrounded by tranquility. Let us know what you think, enjoy foodies!

UMAC House

Address: No.1 Jalan 12/5 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 11am-12am (Daily)

Contact: 012-9521822

Link(s): Facebook

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