Embrace Self-Love This January 2022 With ÜNIIQ’s Newly-Launched Kombucha Series!

Because a happy gut, makes a happy Ü

Hey foodies, happy new year! New year, new me, amirite? This 2022, it’s time to embrace self-love by keeping our body, mind and soul healthy & happy! What better way to do so than to start caring for our gut health? With that, ÜNIIQ is encouraging all Malaysians to share their stories and personal quotes through their newly launched Kombucha series, “This Is Me”.

ÜNIIQ Kombucha Launches New Series To Promote Self-Love & Uniqueness This January

Uniiq Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented, naturally bubbly probiotic drink made with sugared black tea. It’s not only refreshing but is also fantastic for boosting immunity and preventing a variety of health problems! At ÜNIIQ, they currently have four (4) flavours that are all Halal & MeSTI-certified plus vegan friendly too.

What’s special about ÜNIIQ, is that every bottle comes with a unique message on each necktag to cherish individual uniqueness through the attached quotes and stories! As ÜNIIQ believes in self-expression and love, they are not just a drink, but a reminder that there’s positivity behind every sip! 

Uniiq Kombucha

Each ÜNIIQ Kombucha bottle has 4500mg of prebiotics- a food source for probiotics (the good sorta bacteria) to promote gut health and strengthen the immune system. This locally made product is crafted with only natural & fresh ingredients without added preservatives, thus giving you taste and quality without the nasties.

The four (4) flavours include:

Rose (Bunga Mawar)

Rose Uniiq

Sweet, fizzy, and delicious!

Rose Uniiq

Passionfruit (Buah Markisa)

Passionfruit Uniiq

Tangy and invigorating, perfect for sweet & sour lovers!

Passionfruit Uniiq

Calamansi (Limau Kasturi)

calamansi kombucha

Gives you a lovely citrus-y kick!

calamansi kombucha

Classic (Klasik)

Original kombucha

Subtle yet delicious on its own, with a pang of acidity that leaves you feeling refreshed.

Original kombucha

*All best served chilled

Have A Favourite Quote Or Inspiring Story To Share?


This January, ÜNIIQ wants you to share your stories or personal quotes in an effort to spread positivity to society through their special campaign called “This Is Me”. To date, more than 10,000 quotes have been collected from Malaysians, and now your story can be shared nationwide too! 

All you need to do is visit ÜNIIQ Kombucha’s website to join or scan the QR code at your nearest AEON & Village Grocer supermarket (selected outlets in Klang Valley, Malacca & JB) to submit your quote with no more than 100 characters. ÜNIIQ Kombucha will then select the next printed quote(s) on their bottle neck tag and distribute them to the market!

As a bonus, use promo code klfoodie10 to enjoy 10% off + free shipping in West Malaysia for any bundle pack purchased via their official website *valid till 31 Jan 2022. Cop a bottle for RM12.90 (315ml) or a bundle pack for RM48 (315ml x 4 bottles)!

Celebrate the extraordinary Ü this year and stay well, foodies!

ÜNIIQ Kombucha

Link(s): Website | Facebook | Instagram

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