This New Mi Goreng & Italian Carbonara Combo Will Definitely Level Up Your Instant Noodle Game

Instant noodles are a must in our lives! It’s what we all crave in the middle of the night or after a long day. Now you can level up your instant noodle game with this brand new one from Vit’s! This NEW Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara is putting a whole lot of creamy goodness into your favourite mi goreng and we’re all for it.


Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara May Be Your Next Go-To Instant Noodle

If you seek comfort in a plate of mi goreng, then Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara will elevate your comfort meal into a gourmet dining experience at home! A brand new addition to Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng series, bring your taste buds to Italy with its one of a kind Carbonara noodles. Say ciao to your favourite local dish with an Italian twist you never knew you needed!

Made from cheese, chicken ham, butter, chilli flakes and cream, it definitely adds a whole lot of Italian flair to your ordinary mi goreng. Get ready to slurp up some cheesy and creamy goodness in every springy noodle. Vit’s Italian Carbonara Fried Noodles is also free of preservatives and artificial colours!

Bring a touch of true Italian flavours to your daily meals or even gatherings and parties with Vit’s Italian-style Mi Goreng! It’s not only super easy and convenient to make, but it’ll definitely satisfy everyone’s cravings and even have them craving for more. Of course, why settle for less when you can have an instant gourmet meal in a matter of minutes!

Get A Taste Of Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara At Home With Vit’s Today

Intrigued? Go on and try Vit’s Italian Mi Goreng Carbonara for yourself today! You never know, this might be your next go-to comfort meal whenever you’re at home. You can now get it at AEON and major retail stores. It’s also available on Shopee and Lazada.

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