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This Home-Based Cook Sells Japanese Don Bowls & Katsu Sando With Uni, M8 Wagyu & More

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Hello, foodies! Now that most of us are working from home, have you been scratching your head trying to decide what to eat for lunch and dinner? Fuss no more and let us help you decide what you should eat. Check out this home-based seller that sells Japanese Don Bowls and Katsu Sando made with premium ingredients such as uni (sea urchin roe), Wagyu beef, foie gras and more!


Drool Over These Japanese Don Bowls & Katsu Sando

Photo(s): @yakuzabydark (Instagram)

Using premium ingredients directly imported from Japan, this Instagram home-based seller makes gorgeous-looking rice bowls, sandwiches and rolls. And, we bet that it tastes deliciously awesome too! You can now order these premium dishes from Yakuza by Dark via their Instagram, @yakuzabydark. Check them out!

Yakuza Uni Foie Gras Don

Tastes of the sea and of decadence, this Yakuza Uni Foie Gras Don is as mouthwatering as a Japanese rice bowl can get. Serving a generous amount of uni (sea urchin roe) with foie gras, fish roe and a soft-boiled egg, this rice bowl is the perfect meal to treat yourself to a delicious lunch and you have to try it!

Wagyu Karubi Don

Calling all beef lovers because this Yakuza Wagyu Karubi Don is the perfect meal for you! Their Wagyu beef is cooked to perfection and it pairs so well with fluffy Japanese rice. Surely you must not miss out on this one so order it to try today!

Yakuza Japanese M8 Wagyu Foie Gras Don

Another deliciously savoury menu item from Yakuza by Dark, make sure you try their Yakuza M8 Wagyu Foie Gras Don that’ll certainly tantalise your tastebuds. If you are crazy for Wagyu beef, we suggest that you go crazy over this bowl of Wagyu-goodness too.

Wagyu Katsu Sando


Life is better between two pieces of bread and that’s a fact. But, life becomes extravagant when you have cooked-to-perfection Wagyu beef and foie gras between two pieces of bread. This is absolutely the case for the Yakuza Wagyu Katsu Sando that is all your sandwich dreams come true. Just look at how gorgeous it is! Yum!

Yakuza Lobster Roll

Last but not the least, the Yakuza Lobster Roll is the perfect snack or appetiser to share with your loved ones when you’re feeling extra indulgent! Or, you could just enjoy this on your own too. Paired with fresh uni, caviar, and fish roe, this lobster roll screams: eat me! And, we can certainly bet that you’ll be going back for bite after bite.


Order From Yakuza By Dark For All Your Japanese Food Cravings

Photo: @yakuzabydark (Instagram)

Satisfy all your Japanese food cravings and order from Yakuza by Dark. It is no doubt that their Japanese rice bowls and Japanese sandwiches look divine and we know you’re already drooling over these pictures so order some today and enjoy!

To order, contact this WhatsApp number: +6012-847 0893

Link(s): @yakuzabydark (Instagram)


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