Brixton 23 KL is The First Kingsman Inspired Restaurant in Asia!

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Secret Intelligent?

Foodies, we are so excited to share with you a restaurant that we came across with a week ago, Brixton 23. Those of you who’ve watched Kingsman and is a fan, CONTINUE READING, you don’t want to miss this out. Want to know how it’s like to be a top secret agent like Eggsy? Hop on the foodventure train as we reveal what this place is all about.



A Tailor Shop, Speakseasy Dining, and Bar?!

Set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, from the outside, Brixton 23 looks just like another establishment painted in black. Step inside and you’ll be greeted with surprise. A sophisticated lounge filled with suit and tie, it feels like a dream wardrobe for the gents. Some of you might think “You mentioned, it’s a restaurant bet all these are decoys.” We thought so too, but nope. Brixton 23 legit functions as a tailor shop, where you can get your suit tailor made in the most British way one can ever imagine.


Hint: Look out for the stairway that leads you to the 2nd floor. There, you’ll have to find a secret door to the restaurant. Definitely took some time for us, but boy, as soon as we entered, it was another scene. A speakeasy concept beautifully decorated, every corner screams luxury. Not just any ordinary dining, they’ve blended a bar and lounge into one space, offering full-course experience.




Did a little tour around and they have private rooms fit for anyone, from casual events, to serious, secret meeting. We can’t help but to praise on Brixton 23’s mischievous approach, we felt nothing but someone important, like a secret agent, or someone special enough to be given a private tour of a luxe mansion.



Taste Test at Brixton 23:

Glasses on, bags down, napkins out, we put our taste buds to the test once again. As mentioned, this space emphasizes on luxury experience, even when it comes to their menu. It’s a fine take on fusion cuisine, meaning we’re expecting some fun dishes.


Warming up our belly we tried Truffled Mushroom Soup. If you love wild mushroom soup, you’ll definitely love this one. Richer, and thicker in consistency, a mixed of mushrooms are blended into cream. There are tiny little bits of mushrooms to add texture, yet still smooth.

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Moving on to mains, Smoked Chicken and Truffle Roulade. Unlike any other Chicken Roulade out there, this one is sous vide and baked until crispy. Meaning the outer part of the chicken is crispy, while the inner is still tender. The flavors exploded as it breaks down in our mouth. Strong hints of truffle are harmonized by sage, while the caramelized onion brought out the sweetness. The gravy is served separately in a sake bottle, plus point in terms of presentation. We really liked the puree-like gravy, light yet creamy, though we don’t really get the shoyu soft boiled egg. Don’t get us wrong, the consistency of the egg was perfect.

Nope, We’re Not Done:

The dish that we loved best, Carbonara Tartufo. Can we just take a few seconds to admire the plating before digging in? Just like ravioli, the Cappelletti (a type of pasta) is stuffed with caramelized truffle paste, topped with yolk emulsion, a smoked egg yolk and slight touch of parmigiana and black pepper. There were so much going on in one dish, the flavors stacked in layers. Strong truffle taste lingered in our mouth with a sweet sensation, and is then washed with the cream and egg yolk, leaving an ashy, almost smoky aftertaste.


One must not leave without desserts, we got ourselves The Rocher. \We loved the combination of dark, dense chocolate mousse and light, bittersweet tiramisu gelato. The flavors paired so well it won’t be cloying, and the caramelized banana added a sweet twist. The roasted nuts gave the mousse and extra crunch, perfect.


Final Thoughts Before We Move On to Another Mission:

If you ask us whether Brixton 23 deserves a visit, two thumbs up for us. Not only the dishes, the ambiance and how each space is created reflects the spirit and creativity of the brand. For that, they’re KL Foodie approved. The dishes are definitely not for the faint hearted, a little palate cleansing in between is needed for the best experience. If you’re looking for a quirky, off the charts dining, there’s no place better than Brixton 23.


Brixton 23 KL

Address: 23, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Wilayah Persekutuan, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Operating Hour: (Wed-Sat) 12 p.m.-3 a.m. (Sun-Tues) 12 p.m.-1 a.m.
More Info:

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