Elderly Couple In Puchong Tries To Make Ends Meet By Selling Taiwanese Fried Chicken By The Roadside

As we march on towards the end of the month, there’s still no say at when the FMCO will end. But one thing’s for certain is that local businesses are continuously struggling. From hawker stalls to cafes, no businesses are spared. Similarly, this elderly couple selling Taiwanese-style fried chicken in Puchong Jaya is also struggling to make ends meet.

Elderly Couple Struggles To Sell Fried Chicken In Puchong Jaya

A post uploaded on Facebook by Eugene Ng yesterday depicted an elderly couple struggling to look for a minimal income to sustain their livelihood by selling fried chicken by the roadside. Business is even worse now during FMCO. The elderly uncle had even sincerely asked for him to give more support in the future as business nowadays are really bad.

Photo: @EugeneNg1227 (Facebook)
Photo: @EugeneNg1227 (Facebook)

If you’re one fried chicken lover to stays in Puchong, you can head on over to this humble little roadside truck for some Taiwanese-style street food. From freshly fried chicken thigh to popcorn chicken, to fried sotong ring, time to satiate your cravings for savoury fried food here! For only RM8.50, you can get thick and juicy fried chicken thigh that’s worth every penny.

Photo: @EugeneNg1227 (Facebook)
Photo: @EugeneNg1227 (Facebook)
Photo: @EugeneNg1227 (Facebook)

Support Your Nearby Local Eateries This FMCO

Have any friends or family in the Puchong area? Let them in on this news. You can also lend a helping hand to your nearby local eateries this FMCO by getting their food to-go. Let’s help each other get through tough times like so. Hwaiting!

Location: Jalan Merak 4a, Puchong Jaya (In front of Sports Toto, next to Petronas Puchong Jaya)

Operating hours: (WED, SAT & SUN) 2PM – Sold out

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