GSCinemas Now Sells Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea; Exclusively At GSC Mid Valley Outlet Only!

Boba Mou?


  • GSCinemas now sells Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea, exclusively at their Mid Valley outlet only.
  • After popular demand from netizens, GSCinemas finally offers bubble milk tea for all cinema-goers.

Hello…CANNOT! Just kidding – hey, foodies! We’ve got wonderful news to share with you today. It concerns one of Malaysia’s favourite cinemas – GSCinemas. In the last few weeks, everyone has probably heard of the cinema chain’s hilarious comments and comebacks on their Facebook page. Now, they’re back with awesome news this time. Read below to find out more!

GSCinemas Is Now Selling Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea, Due To Popular Demand

Photo: GSCinemas (Facebook)

Boba and popcorn, anyone? Caving into popular demand by netizens, GSCinemas is now selling bubble milk tea to customers at their Mid Valley Megamall outlet. More specifically, they are offering Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea – a crowd favourite for boba drinks. According to their post, it is now exclusively available at Mid Valley only.

Daboba Malaysia Teases The Cinema Chain About Their New Boba Drink

While you’re busy checking out the comment section on their post (we know you are), don’t forget to take a peek at Daboba Malaysia’s reply to GSCinemas. Gaining over 4,000 likes, Daboba Malaysia asked the cinema chain, “好喝咩”, which simply translates to “Nice meh?”. And, GSCinemas replied, “你跟我回森林去”,  meaning, “Go back to the forest please.” Hahaha!

Netizen Teases GSCinemas Further About Their Signature Phrase “Hello. Cannot.”

Photo: Jul (Facebook)

In a Facebook comment, another netizen posted a picture of the same bubble milk tea image with an edit of their logo and the cinema’s now favourite catchphrase, “Hello. Cannot.”, printed on the bubble tea cup. This netizen’s comment managed to gain over 200 likes, commenting that he will only buy the new drink if there is GSCinemas’ logo on it along with their signature catchphrase.

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