‘Good Day Good Time’, A New Bubble Milk Tea Joint In Sri Petaling

And, the list goes on and on...

Every single time we saw news about yet another bubble milk tea joint popping up in Malaysia, we rejoice! The bubble milk tea scene in Malaysia is really at its peak with people not hesitating to join in on the hype. Thus, more and more joints are popping up in our radar like nobody’s business. The latest addition to the never-ending list is none other than Good Day Good Time founded by Taiwan’s TV host and actor, Natto.

Good Day Good Time is here in Malaysia!

good day good time malaysia
@gooddaygoodtimemy (Instagram)

Newly opened, this joint is all about the most Instagramable drinks. Look at the photos and you’ll get what I mean! Stick with us as we’ll tell you their location down below and the operating hours so you can schedule to get yourself a cup today!

Take a look at their drinks!

Brown Sugar Series

@gooddaygoodtimetea (Instagram)
@gooddaygoodtimetea (Instagram)
@gooddaygoodtimemy (Instagram)

Take a sip of the thick milk foam to enjoy that two layers of texture. Distinctively unique from the rest of the brown sugar fresh milk we’ve tasted before, get yourself a cup of goodness with irresistible chewy brown sugar pearls!

Matcha Series

@gooddaygoodtimetea (Instagram)

Orde their wholesome matcha drink for the ultimate satisfaction! Sprinkled with matcha powder for the final touch, this drink is not to be underestimated.

Dragonfruit Pearls Series

good day good time malaysia
@gooddaygoodtimemy (Instagram)

They don’t play when it comes to their pearls, taking it onto the next level by using dragonfruits to make it possible. Maybe, pearls are not that bad for our bodies after all. You be the judge.

@gooddaygoodtimemy (Instagram)
good day good time malaysia
@gooddaygoodtimemy (Instagram)

Scared of gaining that extra pound? They have other selections as well, don’t worry there’s something for everyone out there!

@gooddaygoodtimemy (Instagram)

Feeling a little hungry? Get yourself some of their crispy egg puff with tienguayin ice cream!

Get yourself a cup today!

So, are you excited to try them? Tell us about them in the comment below if you’ve managed to squeeze yourself into the long queue to get your hands on their beautiful drinks! But, don’t go overboard alright, learn how to control your cravings and see you!

? 165, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

? 12pm – 1am (Daily)

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