The Manhattan FISH MARKET Brings New Orleans Creole-style Seafood To M’sia With Whole Lobster & More Fresh Seafood

A Whole New Taste Experience!

Oh sweet Louisiana, home to New Orleans. A melting pot of cultures, best known for Mardi Gras and Creole Cuisine! Dreams of travelling still put on hold? Well guess what – The Manhattan FISH MARKET has just introduced a NEW ORLEANS CREOLE Seafood set as part of their new seasonal menu! Get ready, you’re about to enter a whole new tasting experience! Check out their awesome set deal below.


Seafood Like Never Before with NEW Orleans Creole Seafood Set

Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan FISH MARKET Creole Seafood Set is influenced by flavours from the French, Spanish, West Africans and Native Americans, drawing inspiration from an old cooking recipe. Now, that’s impressive! At RM189, this is the perfect seafood feast for two (2) people!


New Orleans Creole Seafood

Manhattan Fish Market

Dive into this sea of lobster, clams and mussels made with nine (9) different spices! A delectable blend of paprika, cayenne, oregano, basil, smoked peppers, garlic & onion powder and thyme brings you a hint of spiciness and smoky flavours. And of course, with every seafood stew, you’ll need a carby counterpart! Good thing that they serve this seafood set with Garlic Butter Mantou. Yum!

New Orleans SeafoodNew Orleans Creole Seafood Set

Are you salivating yet? We know you are! This dish is perfect for seafood lovers, especially if you’re keen on bold Southern flavours. The lobster is incredibly tender and luscious, leaving you both excited AND wanting more.

New Orleans SeafoodNew Orleans Creole Seafood Set

There’s nothing quite like smokey and succulent clams! Moreover, the New Orleans Creole Seafood Set is perfect for two (2), how about that date night? Bring your partner here or small family and order this set to have a scrumptious seafood feast!


Jambalaya Smoked Duck Rice

New Orleans SeafoodJambalaya Smoked Duck Rice

Let’s take a moment to gawk at how flavoursome this looks. The Manhattan FISH MARKET certainly knows how to season their food – that’s for sure! There’s no better accompaniment to your Creole Seafood dish than mouthfuls of this fragrant smoked duck rice.

Apple Slaw

New Orleans SeafoodApple Slaw


Cleanse your palate with this juicy apple slaw! The burst of acidity is exactly what you’d need in between explosive bites of seafood! Plus, it doubles as a refreshment so you can pair it with a cold drink as well.

What Are You Waiting For? Grab Your Friends & Head Over Right Now!

Manhattan Fish Market

Without a doubt, this New Orleans Creole Seafood Set is ideal for all seafood fanatics! Put on your swankiest outfit and strut on over to The Manhattan FISH MARKET for a unique seafood feast with your loved ones! Alternatively, delivery is also available through GrabFood, Foodpanda, ShopeeFood, DeliverEat and Contactless Ordering.


Get FREE delivery for orders above RM 30 with Contactless Ordering! Yay!

The Manhattan FISH MARKET

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