Malaysia As First Asian Country To Launch Tyson Foods New Plant-Based Products

The burgeoning demand for plant-based products has been recognised across the board. Plant-based proteins are especially popular among those who want to explore flexitarian diets. With that in mind, Tyson Foods Inc debuts its new plant-based proteins under the brand, First Pride™ in Malaysia.

Tyson Foods Launches Its Plant-Based Proteins In Malaysia

Photo: Tyson Foods Inc (Website)

Have you heard of Tyson Foods Inc? It is the biggest U.S. producer of high-quality animal meat by sales. Also, did you know that Malaysia is a part of the Tyson Foods Asia Pacific (APAC) business, including Thailand and Australia? In Malaysia, Tyson Foods manages Mac Food Services (M) Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian frozen food manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience.

Tyson Foods
Photo: First Pride Malaysia (Facebook)

As you already know, plant-based options are rising in popularity across the globe, especially during this pandemic. These meat substitutions are mainly popular among people who are exploring flexitarian diets. Hence, Tyson Foods decided to launch their first plant-based products under the brand, First Pride™.

Tyson Foods
Photo: First Pride Malaysia (Facebook)

Furthermore, the company said these products will roll out in the Malaysian market this month before launching in other markets in Asia. Products will include nuggets, strips and bites that are affordable and accessible for more people. Not only they are guaranteed high-quality proteins but are also Halal-certified with ingredients containing bamboo fibre, soy proteins and wheat proteins.

Are You Excited?

Tyson Foods
Photo: Malay Mail (Website)

First Pride™ plant-based proteins will be available at supermarkets nationwide. Be sure to check them out if you’re a fan of plant-based products. Also, you can check out a list of groceries shops offering home delivery during MCO 3.0 here. Be sure to stay at home if there’s no urgent matter to attend outside, and stay safe everyone!

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Source: Tyson Foods Inc & Malay Mail

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