We’ve Discovered the Spookiest Bar in KL for Horror Enthusiasts to Indulge In Your Inner Ghoul

Are you ready for some thrills?

Klang Valley is famed for its nightlife. Offering top clubs in the city and trendy night outs, the city has an intimate but thriving party scene. New bars open all the time in Klang Valley- it won’t go wrong when looking for a place to have a tipple.


On top of all quality drops, there’s a booming bar scene that’s exploding around Klang Valley and here’s a relatively new suave little bar in the heart of the city. Oh wait, this ain’t like any ordinary bars out there. Introducing to you, Klang Valley’s spookiest speakeasy bar ever- The Deceased: The Best Chinese Horror-Themed Bar for Horror Enthusiasts to Indulge In Their Inner Ghoul.

The Deceased: The Best Chinese Horror-Themed Bar for Horror Enthusiasts to Indulge In Their Inner Ghoul

Halloween only comes around one glorious, but all-too-short, day a year- but not anymore. Thanks to The Deceased, we now have a bar embracing sport spooky vibes all year long. So just take advantage of the fact that it’s socially acceptable to feed your horror obsession and hit it up.

About the Space

Described as a “horror-themed bar for eccentric explorers”, The Deceased is the ultimate in creepiness-upon entering, you’ll need to climb through a flight of long stairs that features special effects and a scary voice-over before entering their kitschy dining room.

Delivering chills and thrills through its low-light ambience, password-required secret doors, things that pop out at you and decor like a spooky explorer’s club, it is the perfect spot for drinkers who enjoy having their adrenaline pumping.  


Food & Beverage Rundown

The staffs at The Deceased are extremely committed to their craft- All of their drinks and dishes are crafted and “in-character” as anything spooky! And here are the food we’d recommend you to try out for you to gear up for the trills and drinks for you to truly enter an alternate state of being.

Hungry Ghost Pasta

Squid ink seafood pasta with a fancy name. Each bite of this pasta dish offers a satisfyingly complex texture and balance of saltiness and creaminess. With their pasta absorbing the flavours and textures of the seafood quite remarkably together and all other ingredients offering the perfect brininess, spice and rich buttery flavour, we call this a perfect seafood pasta dish.


The Deceased Signature Beef Burger

If you happen to be a beef lover, this is a burger you shouldn’t miss. This burger is packing a patty so beefy the smell hits you as soon as the burger gets anywhere near, its crust smashed, charred and crisp, its inner depths juicy. To be honest, The Deceased’s effort is almost worth it for the side portion of french fries, alone. To order or not to order? That’s a no brainer for sure.

Mingle Signature Fried Chicken Wings

The Deceased serves properly sweet and sticky wings, all drenched in favoured hot sauces and lots of butter. They’re crispy, juicy and gloriously messy, thanks to the rich, sticky, almost-too-buttery sauce- just how they should be- served up with every which way with imaginative buttery tastes and combinations and plenty of sharp flavours to cut through it all. Pair their smackingly hot chicken wings with your icy choice of cocktail- extremely refreshing.


Oriental Duck Pizza

The pizza here is impeccable. Super doughy with charred crust having that slightly smoky flavour, while the sloppy base is often piled high with toppings, all perfectly burnt. Now all is topped with glistening cheese -this is what we call the taste of heaven. Upon munching on their crispy crust, imagine the taste of their well-distributed cheese melting into your taste buds, smoked duck sliding along with dem cheese into your mouth and all that rounded up with their flavourful, savoury secret sauce. All are astoundingly delicious.

Cocktails to Dive In

Decked out in spooky decorations serving amazing food, The Deceased does serve cocktail drinks strong enough to bring back the dead. Their cocktails aren’t for the faint-hearted, but they do have quirky names somehow. From dolls to skull mugs, the drinks seems like it serves more to scare you than to wash you down. And here are some of the drinks we find rather creepy yet interesting at the same time for you to have a taste of their humorous approach to horror.

Tea of Oblivion (Meng Po Tang)
Petty Person Beating (Da Xiao Ren)
Toyol (Yang Xiao Gui)
Monkey Brain (Hou Nao) 
Money Talks (CNY Special)

Evil Chocolate Cupcakes

Indulge your sweet tooth in these creepy-looking cupcakes while immersing in the dimly-lit atmosphere. Thanks to some food colouring, frozen overnight and served with chocolate cream. In a fun novelty, your tongue will turn green or red from the frozen treat, too!

Pay The Deceased A Visit Today

Wickedly good drinks, sinfully tempting food, and an atmosphere to die for, The Deceased shall be your next venture. In fact, no matter you’re looking for a bite or a spooky sip, you’ll find something interesting enough to cater for all tastes and moods. Just head over to satisfy your cravings for the dark and scary.

The Deceased

Address: 55, Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 6.30pm- 2.00am, closed on Tuesday

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